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The complete secure document distribution solution

The Document Management system makes sensitive documents available in a “private” cloud located on your own server and secured using inbuilt Microsoft security software. Documents are made available to designated recipients, or recipient groups, either as fully modifiable and downloadable files or fully restricted (no download, copy or distribution). File can also be encrypted.

Document Search

DocuManager1 screenshot 1, Document management software

Search for documents on your PC or office network. Choose to encrypt, stamp (add a code or comment) and/or change the format.

Recipients can be contacted individually or as part of a group. Multiple groups are supported. The options such as email address, encryption password and/or agreed file location are stored against and individual recipient record.

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Instruction Emails

DocuManager1 screenshot 2, Document management software

Email(s) are automatically sent to recipients with instructions to access the document. If the file is encrypted, the password can be sent by SMS or the recipient can be instructed to use a previously agreed password. The document may be attached to the email or placed in a secure location.

Document Transmission

DocuManager1 screenshot 3, Document management software

This option transfers the file to a previously agreed location. This could be a secure website, network location or a MyWorkDrive location (see partner software) for much higher levels of documents access. Documents can be transmitted individually or to groups.

Each document transmission is recorded against the recipient record along with the file preparation, password details and date stamp for that specific communication.