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Network Support & Management

The traditional support model for IT has been charging by the hour to fix issues as and when they happen. This ‘break-fix’ model means that IT companies have no incentive to provide a better level of service because they benefit when you have problems. And you incur costs when you least expect it.

With Walker Systems’ Managed Service offering including network support and network management, you have unlimited help desk support and a guaranteed service level agreement. This means that when you have a problem we’ll respond straight away to fix it.

But we go beyond that because with Managed Services, our business model relies on your network being up and running and problem free. We ensure that you have your network support up and ready all the time. So we’ll proactively monitor and fix problems experienced by your IT systems before they visibly impact your performance.

We’ll continuously improve our services and systems so you benefit from improving technology. And we’ll report on any issues we fixed, so that you can see the work we’re doing behind the scenes to keep you on track.