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Partner Software Suites

Our partner suites have been extensively tested over years of use giving us an extreme understanding and trust with the products. We have officially partnered with their developers to ensure the maximum level of support available.

On Premise Email

The perfect upgrade for users of Microsoft Exchange
Cloud email services aren’t the perfect fit for every company. For a wide variety of reasons, many small business owners prefer the security, flexibility and control of an email service that’s exclusively for their own use.
On Premise Email offers an ‘Exchange-like’ user experience that’s easy to use, requires very little upkeep and has a low total cost of ownership.
What can on premise email do for you?

  • Access via Outlook and Webmail to email, shared calendars, contacts, tasks and more
  • Synchronisation and management of your mobile devices
  • Keeps you in custody of your sensitive data
  • Offers unrestricted access and uncompromised performance
  • Saves money with a low ongoing total cost of ownership
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Disaster Recovery and Data Continuity

Don’t wait for the inevitable
Server hardware fails, computers get viruses and users delete things they shouldn’t in error. Most small business owners know the importance of data backup, however, many still use solutions that aren’t tested regularly, are overly complex and cost more than they need to. We recommend BackupAssist because it makes creating a reliable, fully automated backup routine simple, provides a wide range of hardware and media support and offers great value for small businesses.
What can BackupAssist do for you?

  • Regular, reliable scheduled backup of your physical and Hyper-V servers
  • Easy restoration of files, Exchange mailbox data and SQL databases
  • Full recovery from disaster, hardware failure and theft with minimal downtime
  • Provide an off-site copy of your data for ‘belt and braces’ protection
  • Keep your budget intact (only pay for what you need)

Email Archiving

Tackle overloaded mailboxes and compliance requirements head-on
Email archiving enables businesses to reduce and then automatically manage mailbox sizes without limiting how much email users have (instant) access to.
Perfect for companies with large mailboxes, who send lots of attachments, or who are required to keep email for long periods of time for compliance reasons.
What can Email Archiving do for you?

  • Reduce and automatically manage your mailbox sizes
  • Prevent anyone in your company from losing or permanently deleting an email
  • Make it faster for staff to find email – saving time
  • Improve your server performance and reduce your storage requirements
  • Centralise and then permanently banish any Outlook PST archives
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Secure File Share Access for Enterprise

Why MyWorkDrive

MyWorkDrive gives you secure remote access to Windows File Shares without VPN using your existing Windows File Server & Active Directory infrastructure.  Remotely access files simply and securely.  No syncing or migrating to a cloud needed.

Secure Remote File Access
Easy file share remote access using any web browser with our Web File Manager, Mobile Device or Mapped Drive app.   Instantly create your own private cloud and collaborate without sync or migrating your files.

Reduce VPN Support costs by 50% or more
Eliminate VPN support costs and security risks for file remote access with our easy to use Web File Manager, Mapped Drive or Mobile apps

Meet Compliance Concerns
MyWorkDrive provides the necessary safeguards to help companies meet their security requirements and compliance standards such as FIPS, FINRA, HIPAA and the EU Data Protection Directive GDPR.